The team at Sentinel Autocare works closely with detailers across Asia and Europe and actively discuss the ever changing methodology and requirements of the detailing business. Constantly innovating and developing new product directions to advance the performance and ease of use of its car detailing products which are available online.

The paramount feedback from the professional side of the detailing business is speed. Faster polish performance, easy coating application, lower curing times, you get the picture. Sentinel listened and innovated to include efficiency into its car care products.

Examples start at the beginning with the vehicle preparation stages. A special wash detergent to strip any residue or wax from the paint finish. A clay infused cloth that is lubricated with shampoo to eliminate the need for separate messy clay bar and rewash stages.

For the car shine products there is a high performance polish that can be worked longer and farther by using a unique polish pad lubricant spray. This is a Sentinel developed product and is as radical as it is cost effective.

Efficiency is also built into the protection phase with easy to apply coatings, wax so good that it could be the last wax you ever buy and choices of Quick Detailer that have a multitude of uses.

There is also efficient logic to the products themselves. The colour coding system employed by the Sentinel Expert range makes it easy to align which polish is preferred with which polishing pad. Also products are blended in sympathy with each other so that they can each be used together in their respective application stages without any issues.

Sentinel also listened and has focussed its attention to products that can be developed in a cost effective plan. For example; Sentinel doesn’t supply car shampoo. This is due to the market for car shampoo being already saturated with products, both good and bad, and everyone has their favourite. Why waste time on this when resources are better utilised on making the car detailing coatings easy to apply or making sure the wax applicator fits the wax pot to ensure a flat wax pick up? This is where Sentinel understands the business and where their attention matters.

There is a special cleaning product in development but more of that later.

Sentinel is also sympathetic to the ‘Best Practice’ stages of car detailing. While everyone has their own way of completing the task Sentinel promotes the safest least damaging methods of care and maintenance. With this in mind Sentinel is formulating groups of kits of products within its online store that are linked together in the same process stage. For example; if you need a bucket then the Best Practice indicates you need three, wash, rinse and wheels. The Best Practice also says you should employ the grit filters for each. Therefore a kit is available that includes 3 buckets and 3 colour coded grit filter in a single discounted price. Best Practice = Best Deal.

We aim to be the top online car detailing products manufacturer in the world. We ship globally, to bring premium car detailing products to everyone.

The Sentinel has listened and is still listening. If you have a question about detailing or any of the products please contact us via