Frequently Asked Questions

In recent years, we have focused on detailing products and through a fledgling brand, we have researched the detailing business and are now ready to launch ‘SENTINEL AUTO CARE’. During the research period, our feedbacks and sales trends displayed that different market levels of demands were required by the various regions around the world. In addition, requirements from end-users would make further demands in the quest for the perfect detailing solutions.

Sentinel Mist is a Quick Detailer Spray and Sentinel Mist+ is a Quick Detailer Spray with extended sealing capability and longer durability. Both can be utilized as Quick Detailer sprays and as drying aids within the maintenance washing process.

The coating needs 5 to 7 days to cure. Unless the vehicle is stored in a dry area during this time, the coating needs to be protected from the potential of water spotting. The application of sentinel Mist provides a 'breathable skin' to manage any water contamination during the curing time.

This is fully dependant on the version of coating, the environmental circumstances and the effort that is made to maintan the coating. We have coating that can last 6 months to more than 5 years….

Contractual agreements and Non Disclosure Agreements forbid us from the bragging rights that we have. Needless to say the Sentinel products are bepoke to the Sentinel brand and are the best of the best.

Both coatings are easy to apply yet differ in their duration. The durability for Sentinel MULTI is around 4 to 6 months while the durability for Sentinel SOLO can be around 12 to 18 months if you follow our maintanence guide.

No. Sentinel OPTIC coating can be used for all of the glass windows on the car. It is not advisable to use Sentinel OPTIC coating on paintwork.

All Sentinel paintwork coatings and Sentinel OPTIC coating can be used for headlamps.

The sanding pad is to be used as instructed to remove stubborn contaminants from the glass surface. This only to be done with plenty of soap as a lubricant and contact with painted edges and rubbers should be avoided.

This depends on environmental conditions. Garaged each day will last longer than parked on a busy street. Less in sunlight than cloud days etc. We have tested to 12 weeks or longer in a variety of conditions.

Seconds, however, you can leave Sentinel SILK (Wax) to haze for a minute or two if you wish but it has been designed to be a wax-on-wax-off product to make it more efficient. You can double coat Sentinel SILK (Wax) in the same time a lesser wax takes to haze and buff. Remember to use sparingly because a little goes a very long way.

The coding is related to the colors of the pads we have available. The coding on the polish bottles relate to the usual combinations we recommend for each product. Please review the Polishing Pad Matrix here.(please hyperlink 'here')

We have a Matrix that explains how we recommend polish and pads should used however this is dependant on the circumstances faced by the user. We already know that a soft pad used with a compound can work on plastic B pillar trims for example. Remember to test the least agressive method in an unseen area first where possible.

If freshly applied, try using another application of the coating and buff immediately. If already dried and cured, use a small amount of finishing polish and gently refine the area. Re-apply layer of coating to ensure protection is maintained.

NO. Some people suggest that towels can be washed and then used for other non paint finish jobs. But we recommend that towels are purchased specifically and discarded immediately after use. This coating application should be every two years or more per car per coating so the cost is manageble. If you do wish to wash and retain the towels we suggest you cut off the corners as an immediately indication that the towel has been comprimised.

Yes. However, we always suggest that you clean the surface with Sentinel HIDE Cleaner then follow by Sentinel CLEANSE in order to get rid of all the stubborn stains or contaminants before applying Sentinel LAMINA. Test on a small inconspicuous area before using to ensure no colour fading.

Yes. Sentinel cleanse is an innovative cleaner that has multiple uses.

Both methods have their merits and it is up to the individual to choose which is best for them. We have kits that cater to both methods but still feature a second bucket for the displaced mitts. We always recommend a separate bucket for wheels and recommend that Grit Filters are used for all bucket applications.

Most of our packaging is recycleable. We are an Eco Friendly company and consider material content and our carbon footprint for each stage of the developmental process. We choose the most suitable solution for each product and promote recycling of displaced items at all times.

No. Wax will provide a surface seal that will delay the full cure of the coating. We recommend using Sentinel Mist or Sentinel Mist+ as the protective skin for the first week. Sentinel waxes can be apllied after this period. Please not that not all other manufacturer waxes available in the marketplace will bond to the coated surface and this is not a fault of the wax or that the coating is a problem in anyway.

No. Waxes like most surface coatings need to be applied to the base paintwork. Most waxes from cheap carnaubas to the high end synthetic long-life waxes will not bond to the coated surface. Sentinel waxes have this in their DNA and are suitable for both bare paint and ceramic coated paintwork.

The Soap and shampoo market is saturated and the expense of international shipping would price us out of the market. We are working on a solution to this.

Yes. However, the durability may be reduced given the harsh environment wheels endure. We recommend Sentinel RIM (HT) Coating for your alloy wheel protection. Sentinel RIM (HT) provides a protective and hydrophobic seal that will last far longer than any wax.

Yes. However, the durability will be reduced given that Sentinel RIM (HT) Coating is specifically designed to resist the additional heat and harsh environment the wheels endure.

Yes. The bodyshop may try to blend into a painted panel that has been coated and the paint won't adhere to the paintwork like it should. Let them know so the coating can be removed prior to paintwork being applied. For further technical advice for this contact

There is a period commonly known as degassing that should be considered before applying any coatings. This chould be between 4 weeks for water based paints and 6 weeks for solvent based paint finishes.

If you are unsure you can contact and we will reply as soon as we can depending on language and global time differences.

The world of wax is saturated with all colours and smells you can imagine when there are only three real applications; Show wax, Premium wax, long-duration wax. We chose to focus on the longer duration Premium Wax section and once we had created Sentinel SILK, it became hard to better the ease of application, gloss performance and duration. Please note: Long duration waxes need synthetic components and distillate solvents that are not compatible with Ceramic coatings.