Join the Sentinel Autocare family

We have opportunities to join the Sentinel Team either as a product tester, an accredited detailer and / or a product distributer.

As an Approved Product Tester (APT) you will receive refunds on products that have been correctly used and feedback provided. Specific testing and detailed feedback will be required and in exchange for this ‘real world testing’ Sentinel will refund costs and supply further products for testing as an ongoing cycle. As an APT you will belong to a special group that can truly claim to be part of the Sentinel product process.

As an Accredited Sentinel Detailer (ASD) you will receive both branded products for promotion and retail sale but also bulk purchase products packaged as ‘white label’ goods. These items are for internal use and are offered at special pricing to reduce ‘cost of sale’ and maximise profits.

As a Distributer you will become part of a satellite operation where stock will be held at your location and distributed upon demand. This can be completed as an existing retail facility or as a supplementary part of an ASD business. Revenue from this service will come from a share of products actively transitioned through the stock. Minimum stock must be maintained.